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HOME OF THE "BLUE" BABIES. We have been producing quality colored Appaloosas for over 25 years.

  Hello and welcome to Tranquility Acres. We are a Christian family-owned farm located in Wooster, Ohio. 

  We use the horses we produce.  Our horses are kept in the natural herd setting that produces healthy minds, sound limbs, and great personalities.  The natural environment exposes them from birth to water crossings, hills, logs, brush, farm equipment, dogs, amish buggies and of course the dicipline of a structured herd.  Because of this our horses are very solid and have great attitudes when introduced to their careers.   Our senior stallion APAS Joker Prince is no longer standing to outside mares, but you can still purchase a few of his offspring.  Due to the economy, we took the 2008 and 2009 breeding seasons off which means there will be no 2010 babies produced by "Blue" available .  I will keep you updated as to when we will start producing our "Blue" babies again. Keep in mind that doesn't mean we dont have any horses for sale.  I periodically drag something home from a sale.  Dont take this to mean I am a dealer.  I am not.  It is usually something that needs some weight and a little training put on it that I feel needed a little better chance at life other than being passed around at the salebarns. 

In addition to raising horses, we also offer self care, partial care and full care board, and on a limited basis offer breaking , training, and riding lessons with the stress being put on horsemanship.  In 2001 we built a 30x70 barn with 10x10 oak box stalls and our goal for 2010 is to add an indoor riding arena.

Now for the Ladyfarrier part.  I Have been farriering for 10 years professionally.  I apprenticed with Dennis Gardner for approximately 6 months in the fall of 2000 before striking out on my own. Previous to that, I had instruction from Lester Kurtz at a technical school I had attended and had been shoeing and trimming my own   I offer cold forge only and some corrective shoing and trimming.

   Anyone wishing to contact us may do so by calling 330-466-1617 or writing to ladyfarrier@aol.com.  If you choose to write, please put something in the subject line so your letter wont be deleted. I am very proud of the horses we have produced over the years and am always happy to answer any questions that one may have or get updated on horses we have sold.  My goal has always been to place them in loving homes.

   I apologize for the construction period we are in.  My old website was AOL Hometown and was erased.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and information that this website does contain, and please check back periodically as I get it where I want it. 

Here is some of "The Herd" coming down to water out of the pond


   It is hard to know where the work ends and the recreation begins.  Horses are a lifestyle here.  We are very active in Wayne County 4-h.  I have been an advisor in the Bounty Hunters 4-H club for 26 yrs. and counting.

   Wayne County Saddle Club is my other home.  I have been a member there since I was 2 and have held various offices in it for more years than I can remember.  I am currently a director, chairman of the Advisory Committee,  chairman of the Policies and Procedures committee,and chairman of the funshow committee.  My daughter and myself show the speed events and my grandbaby will be joining us this year in the walk/trot division astride "Blue".  My son recently decided it wasn't for him anymore and is content to just trail ride.  We used to show pleasure, but disagree with the way they have the horses moving now and their version of horsemanship.

   Luv the "Not So Extreme Cowboy Races" WCSC has been having.  There were 3 in 2008, my horses and I won all 3.  It was my intention to start participating in some of the others held in different counties in 2009, but the unexpected death of "Ace" (Midnight Desert Sun) our other stallion postponed that goal.  I have several "Blue" babies in training right now, and we did well in 2009.  Cheetah competed in all 3 and finshed 1st overall.  Spotman took a third at the first one, a second at the second one and was unable to compete at the third due to a leg injury that has had him laid up all winter.  He is healed now and we will start riding him as soon as the snow melts off a little.  Our goal is to compete in Columbus in 2011.

  Then there is the cowboy mounted shooting.  Blue and I started competing in that in 2008.  In typical Blue fashion, he was rock solid and awesome at it.  Do to his age and stiffness I am now using the 2 boys Cheetah and Spotman.  We are not competition yet, but will be soon as their training level progresses.   I am a member of The Northern Ohio Outlaws and CMSA.  My daughter intends to join me doing this in 2010 and of course the granbaby will be a wrangler astride Blue.

   And we can't forget the camping and the trailriding.  So many trails, so little time.  No wonder summer seems to go so fast.